"Naomi Beinart is without a doubt a fantastic practitioner - I find her approach a combination of practical, extremely professional and knowledgeable and yet very personable.

I particularly like the fact that she makes herself available beyond your consultation and is ultimately committed to achieving the best results in the quickest time possible.

I can't recommend Naomi highly enough and certainly think that anyone that has the opportunity to be treated by her is extremely fortunate."

Communications Consultancy, Managing Director

"Concentration and endurance are two very important factors in Motor sport, Motorcycle Rating being no exception. I’ve been racing now for 4 years and achieving some excellent results along the way. Fitness has always been my main training goal when im not riding, and I actively cycle, run, and do other aerobic exercises regularly throughout the week. However I have never really taken my diet as seriously as I should, and realised that I would not be able to see the rewards of my training until I dealt quite seriously with my diet and lifestyle. I always used to think that the more effort I put in at the gym, then the fitter I would be. This has proven to be not entirely true, and as a result I have not felt on top of my game.
The help that ‘BeinART Nutrition’ has provided me with has allowed me to excel in my physical and also mental fitness preparation, both on and off the track."
Tom Gazzard
Aquatherm Motorcycle Racing