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*** Bio ***

I have worked within the health industry for over 10 years, beginning in the arena of mental health, and then focusing on healing the body and mind using nutritional medicine. My MSc Health Psychology, and present studying towards my PhD at King's College London, have allowed me to reintegrate my nutritional work back into the realms of psychology.
In all of my areas of work I have seen how biology, behaviour, and social context influence health and illness. I hope that health psychology will help me to bridge the divide between the naturopathic and allopathic worlds of research and development. My areas of interest and expertise include epilepsy and learning disabilities, as well as research into treatments that may help to improve treatment and quality of life of people with chronic pain conditions.

*** Press ***

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*** 2010 ***

In 2010, I was lucky enough to win a grant from Epilepsy Action for my MSc research project at University College London (UCL). I looked at carers of adults with epilepsy and learning disabilities; hopefully to be published soon! http://www.epilepsy.org.uk/research/grants0910

*** 2009 ***

In 2009 I was working closely with adventurous rower, Sarah Outen, in preparation for her solo row across the Indian Ocean. On August 3rd 2009 Sarah reached Mauritius 124 days after leaving Perth, Australia. Well done Sarah! 

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Naomi Beinart 

BSc NMed., BSc (Hons) Psych, MSc Health Psychology.
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